Rita Carelli Feri


Rita Carelli Feri nasce a S. Colombano al Lambro (MI) in 1943. Performs technical studies in Lodi. Follows the evening of Brera and a course of a fresco in Caprese Michelangelo (FI) with prof. Saldarelli dell'Accademia in Florence. And’ was a pupil of Louis Lomanto.
A founding member of the Group Artemisia. Lives and works in a country house in S. Leonardo.

Critical texts

“Rita Carelli Feri, is the most introverted among the artists of Artemisia: shows an intense introspective capacity that is defined in the research and fine-tuning of an atmosphere, always a similar picture after another, a face after the other, because, to determine it, is the same sensibility of the artist.
The figure but, observed bias in a condition of immobility, stops, almost static to preserve a kind of mystery expression, is always the fulcrum from which emanates the air around her, the general tone of the space, its transparency shimmering timbres from cold to hot stamp, drowning the line, slabbrano the contours, give up even cut more orthodox, in favor of shots that affect the body, even the head, to better focus the’ essential personality. “

Martina Corgnati

Last exhibitions

2007 Villa Lagarina (Tn) Palazzo Libera

2007 Milan, New Gallery Arsitalica (collective)

2006 Garland (Sv) Castle Coast of the Wheelbarrow (collective)

2006 Albissola Marina (Sv) Space Art Anna M Matola