Renata Ferrari


Renata Ferrari was born in Milan 23-7-1960 lives in Milan and teaches art at the Art College “Boccioni”.He received his artistic maturity at the art school of the Ursulines in St. Charles 1978. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1982. Founding member of the Artemisia.
And’ was a pupil of Louis Lomanto, Peter Diana, Angela Colombo, Zeno Birolli.

” Renata Ferrari, Eat Emanuela Volpe, tends to treat the body as a kind of theater, which he performs in his own declared unnaturalness, in an ancient and fascinating staging from which arise new discoveries and unexpected solutions. Renata however renouncing zoom, excess of visibility on the detail, to lead the field in colors richer and freer, that pierce continuously, in a single vibration, from’ subject to space, from the bottom of the first floor, in real waves of colored light. In this case, it is improper to speak of colorful symphonies, that seem to be for her the true subject of the representation, and above all to assure you the pleasure of painting, without denying a fundamental loyalty physiognomic, also highlighted by Stefano Fugazza. “

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