Pea trolli


Pea Trolli was born in Milan on 20-4-1952.
He received his artistic maturity in 1970 at the Art College Ursuline S. Charles and his degree in architecture in 1976 at the Politecnico di Milano. A founding member of the Group Artemisia.
He studied with the painter Luigi Lomanto.
Lives and works in Milan, where he teaches and. Art at the middle school “And. Colorni”.

” Pea Trolli, for example, the more dissimilar and more standalone between the artists of Artemisia: starting with the choice of formats and media, which for her are generally only small pieces of paper or even small, cosette (in appearance) good for notes and sketches. But Pea sketch done in a poetic form: its almost haiku memory, arts and emotions, which should be considered together, but with respect and concentration due to large pictures. In them there is nothing there but the approximate capacity, that few designers have, to gather the essential of a figure (favorite musicians,his friends and comrades in the road of life) in a very few and very clear elements of jet set, without the possibility of error, without any possibility of correction. Do not allow thoughts, in fact, la china, l’acquarello. And’ a journal unpretentious that it is not the truth of an unrepeatable moment , of those ” irrecoverable colors of the sky” tanto Amati of Borges. Appeared to exist a moment. “

Martina Corgnati

Solo Exhibitions

1985 solo exhibition at the Library Union, Union gallery 3 in Milan 18 to the 23 January

1980-1995 He has participated in numerous editions of the award “Mario Comerio” San Giorgio su Legnano in (MI)



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