Born to shine

the group of five mannequins is a tribute to the Olympics, the original meaning of these games. Devotes a look at the possible victories but also the richness of diversity, comparison between men of different cultures, that are measured trying to outdo themselves. The phrase is taken from a text of Nelson Mandela, which speaks of equality and moral values, dell’ pride in being men born to shine the glory of God.
The Africa, on a black and rough, shows paintings of initiation in many African peoples also coincides with a collective celebration (Emanuela Volpe).
The Europa, sophisticated graphics memory on a green field cite cultural traces and the nature of the old continent (Pea Trolli).
The Oceania, a dazzling version of the silver body and covered with watery colors and changing tides (Francesca Bruni).
America, two opposing worlds and vital, suspended between past and future (Rita Carelli Feri). L'Asia, opposed to full-bodied color stains for a vibrant and growing mutation (Renata Ferrari).

The beautiful and precious mannequins mannequins were donated by Vision.

Vision Dummies

Vision Mannequins is specialized in the creation and production of mannequins to showcase, made on the basis of casts from real models, ensuring real proportions and perfect fit. Vision uses mannequins sculptors clear and proven creative experience, industry-specific "dummies", that allows you to create templates "ad hoc" in style, in size or position. These capabilities have allowed Vision mannequins to be counted among the official suppliers of some of the most famous brand in the fashion world.