They wrote of Artemisia

  • Prof.. Gabriella Ferri Piccaluga – Professor of art history at the Politecnico di Milano
  • Prof.. Luisa Grass – professor of architectural history at the University of Pavia
  • Prof.. Stefano Fugazza – Director of the National Gallery’ Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi, Piacenza
  • Italo Siboni – Journalist
  • Dr. Giorgio Seveso – Art critic
  • Dr. Pierangela Fiorani – “The Slovekian”
  • Dr. Renato Vassallo -” The Day”
  • Dr. Mariella Ravasi – “The People Catholic”
  • Dott.Fabrizio rates – “Freedom”
  • Dr. Walter Burinato – “The Citizen”
  • Dr. Tiziana Pisati – “The Libertà”
  • Dr. Eugenio Stevan – “The Libertà”
  • Federica Dafarra – “L’Informatore”
  • Dr. Emanuela Bonadeo – Art critic
  • Dr. Martina Corgnati – Art critic
  • Think Dott.Francesca – Art critic
  • Cristina Muccioli – Art critic and Ethics of Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

“The representation of faces and bodies is paramount in the art of the twentieth century, even in the most seemingly abstract informal stages, the call of the human body is a given almost unavoidable, and now the faces are the stars of the show-unthinkable a few years ago, for the first part of his title “The soul and the face”. The five painters of Artemisia are in this wavelength, the faces and the bodies predominate. They connect with the art of the twentieth century, because the painters of Artemisia have courage to take account of tradizione.Richiami expressionism Fauve for the deformation and for the’ color antinaturalism, also appeals to a certain symbolism. At the same time the painters are autonomous, They have been able to create a style that distinguishes them and, at the same time, It connects to that of the other. It was an almost impossible task. Their research identifies in two directions: to the search for the soul of the interior of the figure, of the face or face an exasperated fashion design, towards ever more careful definition of formal values. They have come a long way, continue with renewed commitment, concretely, in an increasingly essential perspective.”

Stefano Fugazza

“continually By combining their technical and their eyes , each in its own way, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe , Francesca Bruni, Renata Ferrari and Rita Carelli Feri cause a convincing subtle dialectic of originality and kings- interpretation that makes the approach of their work much more problematic, the most fascinating Contact , the richest investigation of possible backgrounds”.     

Martina Corniati

“The get together in a group is the need not to isolate themselves, but continually be, the willingness to learn, the ability to question, I am a boost to work in function of a continuous growth and a continuous overcoming of achievements”.

Luisa Grass

“The figure of Artemisia, in the name of all that still manages to suggest, He has been selected by five women painters such as safeguarding a professional path, but also human, related to art: united by a similar cultural formation and similar search profiles, from 1992 have formed a partnership and human labor which is the common substrate for their artistic personalities, without canceling each specific. On a journey of different professional backgrounds and existential, have chosen to work together, and not only cooperate, thinking that the constant dialogue on common issues could be the frontier of research stimuli and growth potential.”

( “BEYOND ” article 2002)  Manuela Bonadeo