Emanuela Volpe


Emanuela Volpe was born in Milan 30-04-1958 lives in Corsico and teaches art at the Art College in Milan Boccioni. He received his artistic maturity at Ursuline High School S. Charles in 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1980. Founding member of the Artemisia. And’ was a pupil of Louis Lomanto, Luigi Veronesi, Peter Diana, Angela Colombo, Raffaele Degrada, Beppe Devall, Domenico Purificato, Roberto Sanesi, Dino Lanaro.

” Emanuela Volpe painted female bodies with that serene color saturation as those who have contiguity with the creativity of nature, as well as condition is exclusive to the female. Emanuela Volpe turns to nature with that quivering, and at the same time, respectful attitude of one who is listening, to hear what say ogno, so far as I can perceive, and then reveal, allowing the things that freedom of expression that will have its resonance persuasive in the appearance of the intense and saturated color scheme of his painting.
The female body in the works of Emanuela Volpe opens the eyes of the artist telling a thousand stories that has so far secured and the artist as body pigments.
And so that every chromatic opens seductive narratives, beyond their apparent physical, functionality, plasmabilità.
Emanuela gives them a voice giving evidence to the painterly gesture, where the lumps of matter of color and gesture revealed by the sign on the painted surface, offer a new and fascinating narrative possibilities bodies portraits; and their, so loved, open the compelling song of the paint. “

Carlo Adelio Galimberti

Since January 2006 conducts weekly broadcast “Artemisia journey to the center of the color” in onda online suRadioImago.

He has a studio in Milan in Via Morgantini to 35.

Recent solo exhibitions

2007 Corsico, Municipal Hall Plant
2006 Cassinetta Lugagnano

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