The work for ten hands of the Artemisia, tells five different languages ​​on the long journey of the elephant Suleiman, princely gift for the rulers Vienna.

The five prisms plexiglass represent the stages of the animal epic.

Without having complied with the various temporal order moments overlap and mingle with the transparency that prevent unique interpretation of the parties.

Renata Ferrari: way in Portugal, a threshold on the Western world, with reflections and faces traditional.

Emanuela Volpe: in the words of Gibran on beauty, the caravan is moving in the chaos of perfumes, sounds and colors.

Pea Trolli: The astonishment of the crowd, in the various countries of Europe and the participation to this wonder that delights and surprises everyone in its path.

Francesca Bruni: the long march on a map mirror, stretch from the memories, marked by a long way under burning skies and clouds in the race, transparent and seas teeming city.

Rita Carelli Feri: the arrival and long stay in the Dolomites, magical cathedral of rock, enveloping like an embrace before the last leg.

Tecnica mista its plexiglass.
Dimensions cm 230 h cm diameter x 65

From: Rita Carelli Feri – Francesca Bruni – Pea Trolli – Emanuela Volpe – Renata Ferrari