Who we are



Francesca Bruni- Rita Carelli Feri – Renata Ferrari – Pea Trolli –  Emanuela Volpe

The figure of Artemisia, in the name of all that still manages to suggest, It has been chosen five women painters how to protect the name of a professional career, but also human, related to art: united by similar cultural background and similar research profiles, from 1992 They have formed a human and business partnership that acts as a common substrate to their artistic personalities, without canceling each specific.

Journeying on career paths and different existential, have chosen to work together, and not only cooperate, thinking that the dialectic constant on common issues could be a harbinger of stimuli for research and growth potential.

Francesca Bruni, Pea Trolli, Renata Ferrari, Emanuela Volpe and Rita Carelli Feri, have not been companions of studies nor games:the school environment and the human that has grown not made from common ground.

Il Their meeting takes place in the studio of a painter from Milan, Luigi Lomanto, that each of them has chosen the gym after completion of a full course of study at the art school started and finished at the academy or college.

It will be the job of the Socratic teacher, the availability of its space, the force of his teaching college to grant the prospect of a collective work.

Everything remained as numeral Search Paths group, that arise from a clear recognizable common matrix for declined, but, in five different creative paths.

The focus of research is the figure and his universe”, “with a tonal painting made of sharp lines and strong colors and often antinaturalistic that can represent humanity sophisticated and rarefied” (Emanuela Bonadeo)


from the left: Rita Carelli Feri, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe, Francesca Bruni, Renata Ferrari