Francesca Bruni, Rita Carelli Feri, Renata Ferrari, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe

An exhibition of paintings interpreting the meaning of poetry and character Alda Merino space hosting the event, and that reconstructs the memory.

E opening cocktail it 8 October 2019 at 18,30
via Magolfa 32 Milan.

Timetable of the exhibition :
Monday closed
Tuesday from 10.00 all 13.00 ( except inauguration)
Wednesday from 10.00 all 22.00
Thursday from 13.00 all 20.00
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17.00 all 20.00
Artemisia is a singularia off, a name that is used only in the singular, even when, as in this case, encloses and denotes five painters: Francesca Bruni, Rita Carelli Feri, Renata Ferrari, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe. Artists are linked by the same moral posture, first of all, which is that of sharing, spaces and ideas, charges and honors, and from the same stainless passion for the figure: the body never fades away from their material painting and pigment rich, or thin and light as meticulous, essential and precise, experimental and innovative.
In -is now projects a preciousness to report- devote thought, far from being the opposite of the action: discard and add new before contemplating the possibility of reuse of works already developed. (Cristina Muccioli)
An artistic team unchanged since 1992 The first year of the nearly hundred exhibitions held to date. They chose to work in the world of painting as a professional, alongside painting work of arts teachers. The subjects represented are often human figures, sometimes it's the nude.
It 'a choice dictated by the ease in revenue in tune with a flexible person and always again, which can in turn be transformed and take very different guise. The peculiar characteristic of Artemisia work is the design cut, which often takes the form of works ten hands: from one idea born 5 declinations, that maintain personal linguistic characteristics.
Artemisia does not expose in collective, but it is a single entity consisting of five different personalities.
Artemisia dedicates this exposure to the figure of Alda Merini, woman symbol, incredibly rich in ideas and suggestions. Each member of the group tells the personal vision of this by declining poet with his own expressive language.