Francesca Bruni, Rita Carelli Feri, Renata Ferrari, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe

An exhibition of paintings interpreting the meaning of poetry and character Alda Merino space hosting the event, and that reconstructs the memory.

E opening cocktail it 8 October 2019 at 18,30
via Magolfa 32 Milan.

Timetable of the exhibition :
Monday closed
Tuesday from 10.00 all 13.00 ( except inauguration)
Wednesday from 10.00 all 22.00
Thursday from 13.00 all 20.00
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17.00 all 20.00
Artemisia is a singularia off, a name that is used only in the singular, even when, as in this case, encloses and denotes five painters: Francesca Bruni, Rita Carelli Feri, Renata Ferrari, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe. Artists are linked by the same moral posture, first of all, which is that of sharing, spaces and ideas, charges and honors, and from the same stainless passion for the figure: the body never fades away from their material painting and pigment rich, or thin and light as meticulous, essential and precise, experimental and innovative.
In -is now projects a preciousness to report- devote thought, far from being the opposite of the action: discard and add new before contemplating the possibility of reuse of works already developed. (Cristina Muccioli)
An artistic team unchanged since 1992 The first year of the nearly hundred exhibitions held to date. They chose to work in the world of painting as a professional, alongside painting work of arts teachers. The subjects represented are often human figures, sometimes it's the nude.
It 'a choice dictated by the ease in revenue in tune with a flexible person and always again, which can in turn be transformed and take very different guise. The peculiar characteristic of Artemisia work is the design cut, which often takes the form of works ten hands: from one idea born 5 declinations, that maintain personal linguistic characteristics.
Artemisia does not expose in collective, but it is a single entity consisting of five different personalities.
Artemisia dedicates this exposure to the figure of Alda Merini, woman symbol, incredibly rich in ideas and suggestions. Each member of the group tells the personal vision of this by declining poet with his own expressive language.

Artemisia exhibition in DESIGN + SENSITIVE

Il gruppo Artemisia sarà presente durante ilSalone del Mobile di Milano 2018, from 17 to the 22 aprile presso la Cascina Chiesa Rossa di Milano (zona Municipio 5), nell’ambito della manifestazione DESIGN+SENSIBILE con una installazione dal nome Senses Working Overtime.

We look forward!


DESIGN+SENSIBILE è un’idea di Massimo Caiazzo, presidente di

Chiesa Rossa di Milano


Design + Sensibile: per saperne di più

START: Artists united for humanitarian initiatives


Great charity event organized by, Cultural Association Start, Humane Society, in favor of Emergency.

From 9,30 all 19,00 – 14 June 2014,
Wisteria Cloister of the Humane Society of Milan, Via San Barnaba 48 - Milan

Start The cultural association that aims to promote the integration of the arts through the promotion of events aimed at raising funds for charity, along with the Humane Society of Milan and Emergency, organize the largest art auction to benefit children in war zones. A day dedicated to art with 24 artists who each donate an artwork that will stop at an auction on the day of 14 June 2014 and the proceeds will be donated to the Emergency Humanitarian Actions. Throughout the day the 14 June 2014 from 9,30 Art exhibition Humanitarian interventions and live performances by artists. To 17,00 The selected works will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to Emergency.

Start Cultural Association

The sense of a new association of artists cutural means, in this historic moment, the sharing of ideas and projects to promote culture in Italy and abroad. Start, this is the name of the fledgling association, aims to bring together within itself not only artists in the field of the visual arts but also, and it is here that we believe to be innovative, figures covering all the arts. From painting, therefore, to sculpture and even from theater to music, classical and contemporary, the literature up to the expressions of dance choreography. All this to try to co-exist in a braided various cultural facilities that our country, In his best artistic tradition, can boast of having. And then the arts represented in the Start, do not walk alone and disconnected from each other but coexist and mingle aimed at one goal, to produce art, as nourishment for the soul. It is also the final sense of what he wants to be the big event of the Expo 2015, nourishing the planet, that turns – and what is art if not a transformation of thought shared – energy for life, that we intend to face substantial regeneration of what we understand to be the human spirit.

Humane Society

The Humane Society is one of the historical institutions of Milan. Ents should, was born in 1893 thanks to the legacy of Moses Prospero Loria, patron of Mantua, that the adjective "humanitarian" did not mean a simple assistance in the form of charity, but operational assistance, he was able to "put the underdogs, without distinction, in the condition noted by itself same, providing them with support, work and education ".


Emergency is an independent and neutral Italian, born in 1994 to provide medical and surgical care free and high quality to the victims of war, landmines and poverty.
Emergency promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights.
The work of Emergency is possible with the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters.
In these 20years, from its inception to the present day, Emergency has treated over 6 million people in 16 Countries.

Marco Baj – Francesca Bruni – Rita Carelli – Expensive – Mario Ciufo – Vittorio Emanuele – Alejandro Ferrante- Renata Ferrari – Carlo Ferreri – Erika Filiposka – Barbara GALBIATI – Mastro – Maria Montanari – Marco Morarelli – Lorenzo Pietrogrande – Cop – Mihaela Popescu – Rank - Pino Roscigno – Lucrezia Ruggieri – Cristina Solano – Nino Tassone – Pea Trolli – Emanuela Volpe.


Enérgheia, energy all'Opera

Artemisia has: Enérgheia, energy all'Opera.
A group exhibition of paintings and sculptures that interpret the energy, heart theme of Expo 2015, through the creativity of five distinct feminine styles and dialoguing.

When: E opening cocktail it 2 April 2014 at 18,30 with an introduction by Cristina Muccioli, critico d’arte.

Where: Gallery Artepassante, station of Porta Venezia MM.
Finissage: the 30 April 2014 all 18,30
Details and info: Renata Ferrari 349.7527048 – Emanuela Volpe 338.6002540 –




Polyrhythm, collective exhibition of contemporary art

Friday 25 October opening of the exhibition of contemporary art curated by Lucio Forte Polyrhythm. On display are paintings and photographs of: art group Artemisia (Francesca Bruni, Rita Carelli Feri, Renata Ferrari, Pea Trolli, Emanuela Volpe), Nicholas Bertoglio, Alessandra Bisi, Giancarlo Caciagli. Lucio Forte, Joseph Jacobean, Nairò e Marco Sancini.
Interesting works are on display in comparison.
The theme of the exhibition is derived from a concept extrapolated from the language of music, the poliritmia, which represents the simultaneous use of multiple rhythms not of the same unit of time, to get to build a rhythmic figure different from those already present in the rhythms that are individually. In the figurative overlays can create a rhythmic reading system dynamic-multidimensional.
Critical text
The poliritmia, is the simultaneous use of even and odd rhythms or not multiples of the same unit of time, to get to build a rhythmic figure different from those already present in the rhythms that are individually. In addition, the polyrhythm requires, to be such, the production of a wealth of rhythmic variety through the simultaneous use of the rhythms precisely, For example, differing from the melody, whose property is to be easily identified in the compositional fabric.
Transposing this idea to figurative art and architecture we are to prepare an important tool.
The compositional rhythms in architecture are often very marked, visible, the canons of design and construction systems themselves are the genesis of the creation of rhythmic structures for mathematics in architecture have always said time, the metric in the creation of artifacts.
In the figurative arts, instead there is less need, but only relative to a choice, mathematical rigor, and then use it in a more intriguing abstract experimentation that does not have it compulsorily, as in architectural design and structural calculation.
And so we see that even as the pace represents an aesthetic archetype.
the idea of ​​seeing and imagining rhythmic constructions.
The pace in two dimensions suggests the idea of ​​depth as it happens in the perspective. The texture is a rhythm in language, di geometrie, such as writing made intelligible symbols, or a reading of solids and voids, like a chessboard.

A polyrhythm, a superposition of simultaneous rhythms, allows us to go even further in the figurative, overlapping rhythms are no longer drawn on a plane as in the score, overlapping, the suggestion, allows us to dig into the three-dimensional, the pace relaxed and concurrent entering and define a real depth illusory because it continues to move, inside and out, in a continuous and repeated focus.
The rhythms are distributed in space, this condition polyrhythmic temporal experience also makes us live inside the image and not only, triggering a cognitive process, a rhythmic motor, heartbeat, allows us to discover and know the appearance inside the encrypted image. That is an imaginative projection dynamics, a flurry of reality hidden inside, behind what represents a work.
A movement of molecules that come to life in the illusion and tell what ever consciously, clearly we may be able to invent and describe, a dream that is told, that lives its own life, which arises due to the use of different rhythms simultaneously unconscious and twisted rhythms from the multidimensionality of illusory spaces. Rhythms represented, present in the work through elements that define them visually, membership polyrhythmic.

Lucio Forte 2013


edited by: Diana LOMEIHING
Inauguration: Wednesday, 12 December, 2012 – 18:00
Duration of the exhibition: from 12 December 2012 to the 15 January 2013
At: Museum of Natural History – Corso Venezia, 55 – 20121 Milan
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-17.30; (last entry 17.00)
Closing: Monday, 1 January, 1 May, 25 December

Info Point : +39 02 88463337 (Mon-Fri 9.00 – 16.30, Sat Sun and Holidays 9.30 – 17.00)

Switchboard : +39 02 88463280

Fax: +39 02 88463281


Exposure, organized by the cultural Zero, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Milan, sponsored by the Municipality of Brixen (Bz), dal WWF ITALIA e da The Asian Elephant Foundation, inspired the journey made by the elephant Suleiman, in the sixteenth century (was a wedding gift of the kings of Portugal, Archduke Maximilian of Austria), across half of Europe, arousing disbelief, awe and wonder among the populations of the countries met along the way.
Since our elephant stopped in the barn of what was then a simple inn, and which today has become a well-known historic hotel in Bressanone, between December 1551 and January 1552, have passed 460 age!
Suleiman had left puppy from Indian lands (in 1542 at the age of 2 age) to arrive at the Royal Court in Vienna 6 March 1552, and to die, still young for an elephant, the 18 December 1553, between people's indifference and nostalgia for his homeland!
Our SAVE THEM project is aimed at all those who want to contribute to saving the Asian elephant. Through the sale of two-dimensional shapes – A2 – of baby elephants, decorated by internationally known artists, by emerging artists, by sympathizers, schools, etc.., collect funds for the foundation.
In this exhibition, at the Natural History Museum of Milan, over the shapes decorated by various authors, participate 14 artists with works of art designed specifically for the subject matter; some of them come from South Tyrol, where Suleiman has left its indelible mark.
Now, after 460 age, they present with works that, while reflecting very different styles and personalities, join together with the common goal to save elephants, using the universal language of art.



Artemisia (Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Fox) – Mimma Maspoli – Diana LoMeiHing – Sara Montani – Simonetta Ferrante – Christoph Hofer – Gregor Prugger – Hans Peter Demetz – Christian Falk – Ingrid Mair Zischg
Edited by

Zero The association of Diana Mei Hing

Director of the Museum Domenico Piraina

Coordination of the exhibition Mami Azuma


Under the patronage of:

City of Milan, Municipality of Brixen, Brixen Plose, WWF, The asian elephant,

and with the support of General Insurance, Fidea digital printing, Hotel Elephant Bressanone

Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Volpe

(Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Fox)



Artemisia on display in Swiss in Art 2012

We will present our works to craft fine Swiss International, Swiss Art at the event in collaboration with ARTE LUGANO. We look forward.


Exhibition Centre
Via Campo Marzio
6900 Lugano Switzerland

Dates and opening hours 2012

Thursday 22 November from 15.30 all 22.30
Friday 23 November from 15.00 all 22.30
Saturday 24 November from 10.30 all 22.30
Sunday 25 November from 10.30 all 20.00


The work for ten hands of the Artemisia, tells five different languages ​​on the long journey of the elephant Suleiman, princely gift for the rulers Vienna.

The five prisms plexiglass represent the stages of the animal epic.

Without having complied with the various temporal order moments overlap and mingle with the transparency that prevent unique interpretation of the parties.

Renata Ferrari: way in Portugal, a threshold on the Western world, with reflections and faces traditional.

Emanuela Volpe: in the words of Gibran on beauty, the caravan is moving in the chaos of perfumes, sounds and colors.

Pea Trolli: The astonishment of the crowd, in the various countries of Europe and the participation to this wonder that delights and surprises everyone in its path.

Francesca Bruni: the long march on a map mirror, stretch from the memories, marked by a long way under burning skies and clouds in the race, transparent and seas teeming city.

Rita Carelli Feri: the arrival and long stay in the Dolomites, magical cathedral of rock, enveloping like an embrace before the last leg.

Tecnica mista its plexiglass.
Dimensions cm 230 h cm diameter x 65

From: Rita Carelli Feri – Francesca Bruni – Pea Trolli – Emanuela Volpe – Renata Ferrari

Born to shine

the group of five mannequins is a tribute to the Olympics, the original meaning of these games. Devotes a look at the possible victories but also the richness of diversity, comparison between men of different cultures, that are measured trying to outdo themselves. The phrase is taken from a text of Nelson Mandela, which speaks of equality and moral values, dell’ pride in being men born to shine the glory of God.
The Africa, on a black and rough, shows paintings of initiation in many African peoples also coincides with a collective celebration (Emanuela Volpe).
The Europa, sophisticated graphics memory on a green field cite cultural traces and the nature of the old continent (Pea Trolli).
The Oceania, a dazzling version of the silver body and covered with watery colors and changing tides (Francesca Bruni).
America, two opposing worlds and vital, suspended between past and future (Rita Carelli Feri). L'Asia, opposed to full-bodied color stains for a vibrant and growing mutation (Renata Ferrari).

The beautiful and precious mannequins mannequins were donated by Vision.

Vision Dummies

Vision Mannequins is specialized in the creation and production of mannequins to showcase, made on the basis of casts from real models, ensuring real proportions and perfect fit. Vision uses mannequins sculptors clear and proven creative experience, industry-specific "dummies", that allows you to create templates "ad hoc" in style, in size or position. These capabilities have allowed Vision mannequins to be counted among the official suppliers of some of the most famous brand in the fashion world.

24 May 2012 – Born ORSOLART

The day 24 May 2012 at 18,30 born ORSOLART, presenting for the first time to the public with an exhibition-day event, to mark the first step of a cultural association dedicated to, open to new experiences and attendance.

Occasion will present some works.

Free admission.
Cloister of the Ursuline, via Lanzone 53, Milan